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Invictus Organic Soil Blend

Each Invictus Urban Farm holds10 bags of our Invictus Organic Soil Blend. Specially developed for the Invictus Farms, the deep, organically rich blend encourages the growth of healthy and extensive roots that are able to reach more nutrients and water than your typical potting soil.

To achieve the best growing results with the Invictus Farms, choosing the right organic soil and fertilizers is essential to your success. Soils for container gardens have different requirements than your typical garden soil. When choosing a soil for an Invictus Urban Farm, it is important to never use garden soil by itself. When put into a container it will compact and severely impede drainage and aeration, and plants will grow poorly.

The Invictus Organic Soil Blend has been pre-blended with organic fertilizers and minerals such as kelp meal, alfalfa meal, glacial rock dust, blood meal, feather meal, fishbone meal and rock meal. This specialized blend will provide a constant supply of slow release nutrients in different stages, throughout the growing season to ensure your vegetables are getting the nutrients they require.